In sickness and in health

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The experiment :  I'm in kitchen listening to  the album "Tio år med Agnetha" ( 10 years with...) on my mobile. The volume is just loud enough to be heard by my son, who's in the living room playing PS4 Ark Survival. These are songs mostly from 1968 to 1974. Some would call them 'Schlagers' . But as of yet  no comments coming from him or is friend who is in there with him.  Now he comes in the kitchen to get rid of a banana peel. Still, nothing. Well I guess that's a good sign.... for now.


The year is 2017. It's November and I'm sick (the kind we're all afraid of). Every three weeks I need to undergo some serious treatment. So I'm home and lie on the couch a lot, having to much spare time.  This is where I get reacquainted with Agnetha and Abba. The song is Waterloo and the video shows the Eurovision Song contest 1974. I love the English commentator:  "...Oh and there's Napoleon" and " watch this one from Sweden". Well we all know what happened after that.  At that time I'm wondering myself if I have ever seen the video before. It's mesmerizing.  Especially the girls of course, although Bjorn is a specialty on his own. Anyway I start searching for more -  Thank God for Youtube and Spotify - and find "The Day Before You Came". It's a blast from the past and the seed placed all those years ago now burst open. I'm hooked.


It's now 2019 I've seen all the video's there are to see, listened to every song a hundred times over. Followed all members from the years before till the years after this phenomena called ABBA.  Read several books and own two of them. In a month the kids wand to go to "Mamam Mia" How lucky can a man get. It's a fact. I'm beyond help. I'm addicted and I love it.

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