The Gap

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It's hard to relate to the music my kids like. Not that they express an extreme taste of any weird outspoken music.  Just the normal hit parade stuff. But most of the new music just doesn't appeal to me. For 90% I don't know the names of the songs let alone who is performing them.
To be honest. Some of this "music" I can't even consider to be just that... music!.  True, occasionally something good breaks the surface, and we bond (music wise) for a week or so. But then we're back at ridiculing each other. I assume they (my kids) feel the same about my music. To them it's weird old stuff (specially old) that they can never relate to.  And yes, all generations just seem to have this musical gap that can't be closed.  Or do they; How is it that I like the old Swedish Agnetha songs like "jag var så kär" (I'm so in love) that were recorded around the year I was born. (Agnetha is 18 years my senior) Apparently I was able to close that gap.

Thinking about that I realize I'm 31 years older than my oldest daughter. That truly is a big gap to overcome.


It's not all ABBA you know. I like other music too.  "You are the reason" with Calum Scott is a pretty good song and "Say something" by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera  is just incredible. I like Ed Sheeran "Perfect"  and  Ellie Goulding "Love me like you do". I love Adele and Carrie Underwood, Home Free and Vince Gill. But no matter what I keep coming back to this imaginative, colorful talented  foursome. This quartet off inspiring people. These boys and girls that only needed 10 years to conquer the world and stay on top of it for more than 4 decades. I mean surely they must have done something right.... right?


It's dark and raining outside and  Benny's "Piano"  is on the background. It makes me  feel a bit down and depressed. So I switch to "De Forsta Are"  The first song is "Jag har forlorat dej" and I deside this music is not for every day.  Today is "Tropical Loveland" day and "Why did it have to be me". yep thats the spirit. Lets join in!

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