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They promised us new songs. Where are they. Don't they know we burst from all the tension and expectations. We've been held off for almost 40 years.  And we know they are there. Lying on a dusty shelf somewhere.  Two songs recorded in the summer of 2017. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the news. Was it really true? Did they record new music? Now I'm just wondering if the desire to new music got the best of me and it was all just a big "Fata morgana".  Nothing more than a delusion. We've been in this dessert for so long without any  new refreshed water that we just hear what we want to hear... or do we?  Bjorn says: Be patient there is a 'small' delay, but they will come out in the summer of 2020, and we just bow are heads to this king of lyrics.  "Yes your majesty, we believe."


I guess people would say I live in the past music wise, which I can't totally dismiss as being nonsense. I mostly like music from the late sixties to somewhere in the eighties and for the most part I just ignore the modern day music.  I like to think my ears just aren't adjust to the loud beats and screaming voices these days.  It feels like it's harder to distinguish the good bits from the ugly through all the loud noises now, than it was in the old days.  Selena Gomez, Maroon5, Shawn Mendes, Graveyard?  ABBA will win it any time. Not that there are no good songs anymore . There are.  I'm listening to Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved.  "They" would have loved this.


I often skip the song when the boys do the lead vocals instead of the girls, although in time they grow on me too. "Man in the middle" as a catchy tune, but wow the richness when the girls join in. 


I looked up a Dutch female singer that had a hit in '83 or '84 that I kinda liked hearing at the time.  It was called "Sla je arm om me heen". Listening to it last night made me think it sounded fairly familiar, then it hit me. I was listening to 'Wrap your arms around me".  She was doing a cover from Angetha's song and I never knew. Worse, I liked the Dutch version over the original one.  To my defense. Back then we were not allowed to listen to ABBA  again untill 1999


The young one's have a 40-minute class timetable at school this week  (instead of 50), meaning they are home early almost every day. Good for them. They finish early on their homework and have time to spare.  Not so much fun for me as my time with ABBA is drastically reduced. .. Unless I'm willing to put on earphones, but with those on, I can't keep track of what they (my kids) are doing and because I can't hear them, they keep bothering me with questions. Now the middle one puts on her music at a fairly loud volume.  Enough for the sound to penetrate my earphones. I guess I have to give in for now. Maybe tonight I have a moment to recluse and pickup on "Arrival" again.


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