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As it's  the time of year, I'm listening to some Christmas tunes while doing my chores around the house. Mariah Carey is singing "Oh Holly Night" followed by Pentatonix performing a great version of "Away In A Manger", and I'm thinking; This is where ABBA 'missed the boat' so to speak. I truly believe they've missed out on a tremendous opportunity by not recording any Christmas Album or at least a single. Of course we have "Happy NewYear" (not quite Christmas), but I would have loved to hear them do a song like "Silent Night" or "Little Drummer Boy"


To continue with some more thoughts on previous topic. In 1999 Agnetha released a Christmas album where she did some Swedish kids Christmas songs together with daughter Linda. I listened to it once. I guess it wasn't mend for us international ABBA  or Agnetha fans. I did some more digging in to ABBA and Christmas and came up with a song called "När det lider mot jul" . A decent enough Christmas carol that Frida and Agnetha both did apart from each other.  Although Frida does a beautiful performance, I can't help but favoring Agnetha's more touching version. Still, I would have loved to have been able to hear both girls do  songs like "Auld lang Syne" or "Marry did you know"


Reading through some of the older articles. I can see why Agnetha hated the press. Specially tabloids and paparazzi. She is often put down as this crazy, Garbo like recluse who's acting weird in public. True, she did some questionable things in the past like the Gert d. G episode but even my blood gets to the boiling point when reading about her "crazy" appearance at the Swedish Mama Mia premier back in 2005.  How easy is it to judge if you haven't had the spotlights on you for over 40 years. When your life isn't laid out in thousands of unflattering photo's of you eating breakfast or (trying to) relax by the pool.  How easy when NOT just about every minute of your day is "researched" and spread out under a magnifying glass. Of course there is such a thing like (inside) information that we so badly seem to need but so rarely get, and it's common known fact that the less information we get, the more we make up our own (me included). Still, like the rest of us, doesn't she have the right to share what she wants to share and build a 7 feet high fence to keep  us out and anything else hidden inside. It's just the way she is, like we are just the way we are. ...reminds me of a song playing in the background.


I'm reading through this other guy's thoughts on ABBA / Agnetha where he's talking about having this nuttiness list where 'obsession' is on top of it, and  the list works its way down through 'fascination' and 'intrigued' all the way to the bottom where 'interest' lies. He ends his statement by saying he is now drifting towards interest. I look up to this guy saying "It can be done. ....just not yet"  I'm still intrigued... and fascinated from time to time.


I'm trying to get more in to the Frida songs. Just to divide this fascination a bit between the two Swedish angels.  And I admit, songs like "Adante, andante", "I wonder" and "Cassandra" are true pieces of art on their own.  I'm also the first to agree the ABBA sound was a product of the combination of both voices. But when listening to Frida's pre-ABBA tunes or songs like S.O.S there can only be one winner, and we know "The winner takes it all"



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