To have or not to Have...

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To have or not to have, that's the question. And to answer it; I have none. Well that's not entirely true. I have two books. Even three, if you count the E-book on my mobile phone that I keep checking-out from the library (no one else seems to want it). Anyhow, apart from the books there is nothing in this house that could suggest that I'm an ABBA fan. No albums, no photos, no memorabilia. I have Spotify and Youtube. With those I have all I need with in reach.  ...he says, with a crooked smile staring at the latest released "Voulez Vous Collection" package on his laptop screen.


"All I want for Christmas is..." ...a pair of socks and some new shampoo. That's what I keep hearing myself saying, while what I really want is thè triple album collection "The first years", The latest "Happy New year" release on vinyl and the Voulez-Vous package. Of course, I don't say any of it. I couldn't bare the look on their faces. The jokes, the ridicule, the shocking surprise. "You want what!?"


I had a large collection of Elvis records on vinyl. When the CD and DVD arrived I switched to that,  giving all the vinyl away (to charity I believe). Now people call me stupid for doing that. I don't know. They were just collecting dust sitting on a shelf somewhere in a dark cupboard. If I would  buy all that ABBA stuff. Where would I put it. I probably won't be allowed to display it in plain view  anyway. So they will be tucked away in a cupboard somewhere... again. So what's the use in buying them.  Not that I will ever get to that point... or even ask for it.


I like to become a member of the Official ABBA Fan Club. But than, they are going to send me a magazine every few months and in doing so expose me for what I am.  A devoted follower of these four Swedish Vikings. Question is; Don't they (the family) no already? Does it matter? Apparently it does. I don't want to be accused of having a midlife crisis or worse having a meltdown of some sort. But what's wrong with liking ABBA? Even for 50+ guy. Of course, "liking" doesn't quite cover the extent of it....


Okay, I did it! I bought myself one ABBA fan club magazine. I'll put it under the tree with my name on it, then I can open the present in front of the others and see what happens. Now I only need to practice on that ultimate surprised look... All of a sudden  I hear "The Heat Is On" in my head.


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