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Well, I over did it this time. Yesterday my wife asked me what this weird foreign music was and if we please could tune in to a different channel. So much for the Zen music. I guess my coming out music wise will have to wait a little longer. On the "funny" side. This week I was called an Elvis fan and everybody seemed OK with that. ...in the background she is belting out "Utan Dej", as if to protest.


How can one explain the adoration of a 17 year old voice that once belonged to the queen of Ekerö  who will turn 70 this spring, other than that the constant sparkles of joyfulness that came from that voice has withstood the age of time and still makes the world -for that one joyful moment- a better place. The answer is; You can't unless you've been infected by the same kind of virus like us fans.


1968 is arguably one of the most memorable years in modern history.  After 10 years of making movies, Elvis celebrated his comeback to a live audience, and the first manned spacecraft was orbiting the moon. It was also the year of the assassination of senator Robert F. Kennedey and Ref. Martin Luther King JR.  Simon & Garfunkel released "Mrs. Robinson" followed by The Beatles  "Hey Jude". In Holland a famous Dutch cover of the Leonard Cohen song "Suzanne" (by Herman van Veen) dominated the hit parades and Sweden  was introduced to this gorgeous blonde, blue-eyed teenage singer, listening to the name Agnetha Faltskog singing "Jag Var Så Kär". It's also the year I was born.


Listening to "Fernado" I realize, if we're talking about dividing my attention between the two girls, it's only fair to say; Frida was dealt with the short end of the stick. Does that mean I don't like her? No, not at all. She is part of what makes the ABBA sound unique, and I like her a lot.
With Her smokey mezzo-soprano voice she was the better jazz singer and nailed songs like "Fernando", "I wonder" and "Andante Andante" like nobody could. And although she might not have been the natural beauty Agnetha was, she sure had her share of head turns, and was an exotic belle in her own rights. Besides, it's her we need to thank (or not) for the extravagant clothes.


Talking about clothes, I just watched the "Honey, Honey" clip from '74 where they are wearing the most outraged outfits I'd ever seen.  (same as in the Ring Ring video) but I must say; This time the clothes suits the song. They're  daring and outgoing,  and unsubtle flirty. Do the clothes look good on them? Well... Let's say two out of four are fine, no 3 is barely OK but no 4 look's like something that escaped from the "funny had shop" ....but hey, it surely did the trick of getting noticed across once border.
Note to myself: I need to get to that notorious museum to have a good look.


"Cassandra" The best musical interpretation of a Greek tragedy, if there ever was one. Really love that song.  Just one of the later examples of Benny and Bjorn bringing their music to a higher level. Of course, It's still the girls who deliver the story.



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