Move on

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Listening to "Move on". I like this song so much. It makes me feel I'm on the beach. My feet in the water.  Wind In my hair. I'm the traveler the narrator is talking about. I  even made my own lyrics to this song. (I do that from time to time. ) There is a friend who as a small studio in his house. Maybe we can record it one day. ...Okay, lets not get carried away.   Lalalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Just like to say; Frida has one stunning  voice as well.  Hers seem more schooled than Agnetha's. No sharp edges just flawless. A little less emotion in it then Agnetha's but still remarkable. Listening to "Like an angel passing"


She is asking me to "Stay" so I will. Just another minute while she is finishing the song.  It's way past the bedtime for normal people, but as usual I find it hard to break free.  "Stay, oh please stay for a while". The next one is "Stand by my side".  How can you resist these subtle hints to not call it a night just yet. Just one more minute I promise.


I am dumbfounded. Totally unexpected my two favorite artist have crossed paths. Elvis and Agnetha singing the same song. I had Spotify on automatic when I heard Agnetha belting out "What now my love". It made me sit straight up, as until then I had only ever heard the Elvis version which I liked very much. Now in my brain these two versions collided like a set of speed trains on a single track. The song always reminded me of the "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel. Its working its way up to this universal climax. Something both artist are more than capable of pulling off.  So what should I do. Call out a winner? Who do I like best?  Hmm I need some more digging in to this. To be continued.....


I'm listening to Elvis for a change while vacuuming the living room. It's been a while. Listening to Elvis I mean (not the vacuuming). It's "Marry in the morning"  and a reminder of why I liked him so much. I'm just thinking that it took me about 15-20 years to be a bit burned out on it.  I wonder if that's what lies ahead for me with ABBA . I'm also wondering if he (Elvis) took any notice of them (ABBA). Of course, he died when the "Fantastic 4" were on their way to the ultimate world stardom. Come to think of it. Their only no. 1 hit in America (Dancing Queen) was in 1976. So it might very well be possible  that one moment in time, they had his attention for at least a 3 + minutes...  Before his lights went out.

(red: Elvis died aug 16th 1977)

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