I'm an addict

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Hi, my name is Arne and I'm an Abbaholic.  Pfffff there. I've said it. It's out there. Well on paper anyway. Okay, okay, I don't have the balls yet to say it out loud in public, but it's a start right? I mean sure I ques there are some people who have suspected me to be a fan, but the truth is a little more than that. I'm an addict, and saying it is part of the healing they say. Although, I'm not sure I want to be healed just yet.


An addict: An enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity, music genre or person.
That last one is me. Music and Person.  They are ABBA and she is Agnetha  åse fältskog


Wow, I just spilled two major secrets in just over two minutes. Daring!

So yes, I need my daily shot of Abba or Agnetha songs. Music that's 40 or more years old. So what. I told  people I was an Elvis fan for years and no one seemed to mind. Why should this be any different.  Is it the way they used to dress? The songs they sang. A bit to happy in the beginning and a bit to sad at end.  Well I just love it. I can't deny it. I love the outraged costumes, the perky dancing and the happy chappy songs that made you smile so wide it hurt and then I love the tearing songs (yes they do but in a good way) even more.  I whistle the tunes when I walk the dog and sing the lyrics out loud when I'm alone in the safety of my car. (I open a window if I'm feeling bold).  I want to shout and spread the word. Then I see a glimpse of a grownup man in is fifties with a bit of a belly reflecting in the window, and I wisely shut my mouth.


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