The Day Before You Came

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How do you start a diary. I guess at the beginning. 


It was the day before she came. Or "they came" as you will. It was a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon.  Oh heck, I've no idea what day it was, let alone if it was raining. But the year was 1982. I must have been about 12 years old and star stricken seeing that mystery  but beautiful lady, singing that sad (was it?) sad song.  The Suffering Bird was the working title and what suffering it was. (How did they even came up with that name).  Anyway with "The Day Before You Came" the seed of addiction was planted right there and then.


A young boy with new and refreshed hormones racing through his body is trying to dig up anything he can about this semi familiar group, only to find out "The Day before..." was the last thing they ever did. The new-found flame in is heart is about to die.


Around 1999 the flame of Abba addiction was reduced to no more than a blue sparkle.  Although I wasn't driven to turn off the radio whenever they were on, the songs were just old Abba songs. Nice but nothing more.  Then there she was again this mysterious now matured lady, walking in some park in Stockholm.  Looking in the distance  thinking about some unknown future?  Of course we now know 1999 was the year of the ABBA revival and looking at this new BBC special, I was sure one of the revived people. I absorbed the story about this  shoulder long curly hair blond tree nymph, getting out of the public eye, abandoning music altogether.  I was a young man not yet addicted but intrigued .... yes!


The song "I Wonder" by Frida another tune in those early days that struck me by lightning. Also an other example of how the girls fought for my attention. No absolute winner back then.  Perhaps Agnetha was a little a head.  But just a little.

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