Past, Present and Future

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I think you can call this a rarity and I bet there are not much people out there that have ever heard or seen it. Not counting the die hard fans. (like me) Especially seeing it might catch you of guard. The video of Agnetha walking through a forest, speaking directly to you (or me) might give you at least a slightly eerie feeling. For me it felt like looking at a different version of "Jeanny" by  Falco. A hit in most European countries in the mid eighties. A sinister song about an abducted girl. Of course this Agnetha "song" has a totally different meaning. Although I'm not sure what it is. Is she talking about herself?  Is she sharing demons from her own life? Or is she just playing the part of a girl that got burned? (was she ever?).  If we would ever to meet (a man can dream can't he) I would ask her: Why this song? Anyway in one of her more recent interviews, she answered Yes! When asked if she still believed in love.  I hope she does. I'm listening to "Past, Present and Future"


It looks to me like she is acting and doing a good job at it. Maybe a bit overdone. Especially at the end. I wonder if she used autocue or is there someone running on the side of her shouting directions. Who knows. But she knows how to act. She did it in al those Abba clips and played the part in Raskenstam (1983) where actor and director Gunnar Hellström  said she was pretty good.


The experiment II : It's just before dinner and the album "Life at Wembly Stadium" is playing.  Seems like a safe choice.  The wife just came in from work and doesn't seem to notice (the dog is battling for her attention). My oldest daughter comes down. "Wow. Dad, I assume that's your music playing?" Now my sweetheart looks up "Can you turn that off please?".  It took her 5 minutes.  I guess we'll try in an other year or so.

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