Quite mornings

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It's about 10.30 in the morning. I've walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen and done the dishes. The wife is at work and the kids are in school. I'm having my first cup of coffee sitting on the couch with Raija (the dog) lying just beside me.  I love these quiet -home alone- mornings, where I can devote some time to my enslavement without being harassed, ridiculed etc for my weird taste of music. I turn up the volume and listen to "When I kissed the teacher"


I need to be careful with the dose of ABBA music that I expose myself to or I'll be in the hazard of burning out on it. (although there is no sign of that in the nearby future).  So the radio is on and Simply red is playing "If you don't know me by now. You will never ever know me"
It has been my song for years.   I have wanted to shout it out to some people many times.  You know; teachers, bosses, "friends" that kind of stuff. But I have to admit. I was a hard nut to crack. I'm not the guy to let people in that easy or just to be known that well. I can relate to Agnetha on that. I wonder if she would sing it out load as I used to do (when alone!).  In her case it would have been a nice statement to the tabloid press I guess.


Last night I watched "I've been waiting for you" performed on a German TV show in 1976. There are some good close-ups of Frida and Agnetha. I notice the latter articulates well. Her mouth makes wide rounded movements.  It reminds me of  "Willeke Alberti" a female Dutch singer about the same age,  who does (or used to do) the same thing


As a Dutchman, why write in English.  Well for one. It feels more national and as English is a well known language around the globe, the exposure will be broader. But more important "They" will be able to read it. (Who am I kidding...)

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