I am the tiger

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"Tropical Loveland" A nice warm and sunny song. I'm watching the Dutch TV show "Eddy Go  Round" where they performed in 1975.  While the quality of the clip is lousy to say the least, I'm still in for a treat. Agnetha is playing the piano!  - instead of Benny (who's now on the accordion). She seems to enjoy herself (looking mighty fine). Frida is doing the lead vocals this time. Very soft and smoothly. The whole thing makes me forget the rain outside


"I am behind you, I'll always find you
I am the tiger
People who fear me never go near me
I am the tiger"

Agnetha sure is on that little clip from the Australian concerts in 1977. Especially when she opens her eyes wide and looks directly in the lens of the camera. It's almost to much for a man to bare. It's evidently from this video that she is in a much better place here, than she would be in the world tour two years later (1979). Both girls look stunning and I'm waiting impatiently for the end of the song where Agnetha does this fantastic high pitch roar at the end. "Tiger, Tiiigerrrrrrrrr"


I already said I was addicted to this group of people and there music. Some people might say obsessed, but in my case that doesn't feel right. Obsessed is crossing a line that I'm not willing to cross. It has a name and is called Gert vd G. Obsessed is not taking no for an answer.  I feel the word intrigued is a good one for my state of mind (or being). Mesmerized,  enchanted, spellbound. Yes those are the words.


There are new songs! .......... Are there really?  Is it just a rumor (like Adele sings it). A hoax just to keep us fans quiet for a while
It's a year and more sinse the announcement. Now it's quiet, teribly quiet.

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