Never again

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I  ( and millions of others in the world) have this condition that makes us more susceptible to addictions than others.  Thus far I collected all I could find on Elvis Presley, have a fan page for a sitcom with about 1000 followers and now I'm hooked on this quartet best known for their perky dance routines, corny (for some) music and flashy clothing.  I could have done worse.


Tomas Ledin. The lucky (so and so). I'm looking at "Never again" and I'm thinking here is a guy that had all the changes to hook up with the  Angel of Ekerö, but as far as we know never did.  Two years older than she and spending a lot of the ABBA performances just 10 feet (ca. 3 m) away from her holiness. I can't stop wondering if they ever had a fling, and if not who's fault that would have been.  Of course in 1983 he married Stig Anderson's daughter Marie.  So he and Marie might already have been involved and therefor.... well, if it's love, it's love.


"Men nu först förstår jag
Att det var ett misstag av mig,
För det är du, bara du,
Som framför mig står


"But for the first time I understand,   It was a mistake I made,  couse it's you and you alone,  That is standing in front of me now"

I'm listening to "Jag var så kär". The first thing she ever recorded  and have problems pushing back the tears.  In general  that's not as weird as it sounds as for years good music seems to have that effect on me.  But this song is over 50 years old, has no links with my life and can be considered to be old-fashioned and corny. I guess for me it's just the voice singing it that opens up all these emotions and it's hard to believe she was only 17 at the time.


Cassandra is on while reading through someone else his notes on ABBA.  It's a nice go along song. one of the latest they recorded.
I sing along as there is no one in the room. Wife is at the movies. Kids are upstairs doing some homework (I think).  I can dream on.



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