Wy do we care

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What's with this music. Why am I so taken by it.  Why do I want to sing these songs at the top of my longs... in the shower.  Why  do these voices make my skin crawl or  water my eyes.  Why does it make me happy when I'm blue and relieved when feeling down.  Why am I -and anyone else for that matter- so afraid to say these things out loud.  Why is it that you can say you are a Beatles fan but proclaiming the same about ABBA, makes people giggle and ridicule. Why........ do we care!


I've watched an André Rieu concert last night.  An other thing I like just a bit more than average. Not as much as ABBA , but it can still bring a tear to my eye and make me laugh with joy.  Come to think of it. Benny would probably be able to appreciate this music as he is in to folks music, loves classical tunes and has his own orchestra (Benny Andersson Orchestra) and Agnetha too as she loves Placido Domingo. Frida? Hmm she might, but Bjorn?... probably not. He's more like my wife.


Dearest killed a mouse tonight. I pleaded for its life to no avail.  She was robbed of her sleep one night to many and sought revenge.  I did not applaud and now I'm listening to "The Piper" and wonder if my kids will still be in their beds tomorrow morning.


"The Way You Are"  - ...this love is always free...-  It all most sounds religious.  Just be the way you are.  The Goddess of Ekerö.


Agnetha in her book As I Am said she was ow stricken when in '79 when performing her own song all off a sudden in the crowd little lights starting to appear.  They were lighters. Nowadays they are replaced with mobile phones. Looking at Agnetha and Cary Barlow doing "I Should Have Followed You Home" ( 2013)


I did some math tonight. Since the album "I stand alone" , "My coloring book" and "A", there is an average gap of 10/11 years between each album. That means that there is a good change of something new being released in the summer of 2020. So Bjorn was right.... Well let's not get our hopes up too high.

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