Laurel & Hardy

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I'm over the moon! This Dutch music documentary, shows a clip of Benny on the piano playing "Tulips From Amsterdam". It's only about 20 seconds, but long enough to give me a feeling of belonging. He knows us. He knows our songs! Of course Holland was one of the first countries to embrace these two Swedish couples and their music.  (trying not to be chauvinistic) They were always welcome to do shows, gigs and interviews on this part of the low lands.  It's a bit of a shame that in the clip he excuses himself for not playing the song accurately. I wish he would have claimed to be improvising,  keeping the dream a life.


"Utan dejjjjjjjj............ mitt liv går vidare,  Utan dej"  I'm trying to hold back unwanted signs of  "loosing it".  This music so gets to me. It's hard to believe she (Agnetha) was only about  17 or 18 years old when she recorded this.  Her voice is like a gentle breeze to a lost drifted soul.  Next is "En Drom och en Saga" (A dream and a fairytale).  I'm getting melancholic and emotional.  It's mostly the older music she did that gets me in this state of mind.  It's comforting music but makes me feel guilty at the same time.  I hate it. Why should I feel guilty of just listening to music that touches the heart. Well, mine anyway


I'm looking at the cover of "I stand alone", and I have to say; this tougher look just doesn't quite do it for me.  I wonder why she thought it was necessary to change her look so drastically. Does the title of the album give something away? Did she feel the need of a  stronger look being on her own. (was she?). I know in the tabloids she was stereotyped as the heartbroken woman, who was abandoned all the time. Which in her book she strongly disapproved of and said she actually was never abandoned, and I for one believe her.  But then the book didn't come out before 1997. So in the meantime was it the desire to express these feelings, that she was not a  sad little Missy,  and that she could manage well enough on her own?  what was her state of mind?  And did the new-look help? We know after this album she withdraws from the public eye and music scene all together, to not resurface again until 2004. So we might think:  Hmm maybe not that much.  But hey... Thank God she did resurface and with a softer look. Come to think of it... so was the new album.


If you can read the bumper sticker of the car in front of you, it normally means you're to close.  Noticing the Laurel & Hardy buttons on These Waterloo outfit, probably means the same thing. Of course the bigger question is: Why are they there? Did they have a thing about those two comedians from the black & white era.  For some reason I think they were more in Frida's line of entertainment, then any of the others. Or was it some sort of inside joke that we just don't know about.  Well I guess I have to put this on the list of questions I need to ask when I ever..... get a change.  "Sometimes when I'm dreaming..."

"But sometimes when I'm dreaming
And I dream a lot these days
I need someone who understands
Who leads me through the haze"

... when the truth is staring me in the face... (I thought it was appropriate to add that last line)


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