We are not worthy

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I'm looking at this video of Bono (U2) playing tribute to ABBA,  with Bjorn and Bennie life on stage. They're doing the song "Dancing Queen" and although they don't do the song real justice (It's in low key and Bennie is playing a baby piano), the effort still brings a smile to my face. The highlight for me is when Bono says "We're not worthy" and bows deeply for the two B's in ABBA. Too bad the girls couldn't be there.  They totally deserved this worshiping just as well.  Now I'm waiting for Beyonce, Rianna, Ed Sheeran  or Coldplay to pickup where U2 left off. For the Dutch readers "Di-rect' comes to mind.


Listening to this music is like taken an illegal substance.  Not the bad stuff. Just the one's that make your day brighter, your dreams intenser and your smile just a bit wider.  With this music time seems to stand still when daydreaming, while chores take no time at all. The sun is more yellow and the sky more blue. Come to think of it Kids you don't need any pills or booze to feel your life is worth living. Just a dose of "Summer night city" or "If it wasn't for the night" can bring you to 7th heaven just as easy.  And if you don't take it from me than take it from someone who has done it both ways.... oh wait... that would be me too.


Hmm, I never noticed this before but "Andante, Andante" is a bit of a suggestive song. If you have a dirty mind which of course I don't.  Lets "Move on"


"If it wasn't for the nights" I'm looking at the '78 video from Japan and have to admit it's a nice one to watch.  Can I say the girls look stunning without the risk of repercussions for sounding to sexist. Noticing two beautiful woman doesn't mean I'm about to betray the one I love at home.  It's just an observation of a guy with normal chemistry reactions in his brain.  Back to the video. I specially love the joyfulness and happiness these four produce. Makes me feel I can go into the world an handle everything they throw my way.


Bjorn is the king of lyrics, the emperor of words. Those lines that move your heart and touch your soul (they know how) I envy him when I truckle with  penning down some lines of thoughts and feelings of my own.  But sometimes I just want to know what's behind those beautiful works of art.  What story are you painting to me. 

Down in the street they're all singing and shouting
Staying alive though the city is dead
Hiding their shame behind hollow laughter
While you are crying alone on your bed

Pity Cassandra that no one believed you
But then again you were lost from the start
Now we must suffer and sell our secrets
Bargain, playing smart, aching in our hearts

(sorry Cassandra is playing in the background)


Good looks will fade away. For some more quickly than others.  Still time as been good for the artists. Boys and girls alike.  Of course there is no returning to the days of tight skins and athletic bodies. but the music remains strong and endures the test of time.

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