Lets talk for a while

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It's been 6 years since we last heard from the Queen of hearts. I'm listening to "I should have followed you home" and I wish I could just have a nice and piece full conversation with her.  Walking  through the woods of Ekerö, chatting our way up to the old chapel to light a candle.  Talking about music, love. Just the things of life that interest us, and that we feel a connection with. The first lines of the song would be my opening tune...

"Can't believe it's really you
You still look the way you used to
All this time, what have you done?
Won't you tell me, what you've been through?

And maybe if you want to
Let's talk for a while"


Just like Agnetha's old Swedish pre-ABBA songs, her last Album "A" is really getting to me. It's nice, straightforward music, that I can relate to very well. I don't need loud beats and funky riffs, with slang words and belled out dissatisfaction.  Like her I'm satisfied with "a bubble made for two."


It's about three days since my last shot of ABBA or Angetha music and I feel the signs of withdrawal kicking in. I'm having these headaches all day and feeling melancholic and even a bit depressed. I like to stay in bed and my eyes are watery. Of course, it could also very well be this cold fever that's been hanging around the neighborhood. Either way, I need to get some time alone.


I'm looking at a documentary about this guy having a thing about Dakota's  (Dutch airplanes). He loves them to the point that he get's emotional just seeing one "in the flesh".  I can relate. After no ABBA music for 4 days, even "Dum dum diddle" sounds good. Yup just found myself a karaoke version on the Internet. I'm in need of some serious help.


Spain 1979. The song is "Voulez vous" and the girl both look stunning.  I like to think 78/79 were their prime years.  It's nice to see the chemistry within each couple is flying  off the screen (is that a saying in English?). Specially between Agnetha and Bjorn considering they divorced in dec '78.  Of course ABBA was well known for doing so well and getting along after the "shit had hit the fan"


The half-spoken and sung words are a heavenly pleasure for the ear, and my heart skips a beat when hearing the raspy sound in her voice. The song is playfully and teasing in its tone.  I wish I knew what she was singing.  I know I can look it up on Google just as easy, but for some reason I'm  afraid that would undo the spell and I don't want it to be broken just yet.   "Zigenarvän"


Apparently she got in a bit of trouble writing this song in 1969 as people accused her of trying to make money out of this Gypsies debate that was going on in the Swedish media.  As far as I know she was never really into politics, let alone at the age of 18.  And a gold digger? She was already on the top of her game. No need for any gold to dig. Of course this is just my humble opinion as a loyal fan

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