The Queen Of Hearts

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While it's a bit out  of the ordinary to say you're an ABBA fan, saying the same about Agnetha Fältskog is downright daring. Well for a man it is anyway. Specially having past the big five O. Reading on the Internet, guys like us are always getting these questions about having some secret fling,  being in love etc. What can I say other than yes I would like to shake her hand but no I don't want to marry her. I have a good thing going back home. This is about the music coming from a wonderful voice attached to this person that just happens to be a very nice lady. (as far as we know). Listening to "The Queen Of Hearts"


"En Sommar med dej" is playing and I see a room full of couples waltzing gracefully. The man in black tuxedos and girls dressed like princesses. Andre Rieu is conducting the orchestra. If for real, what a treat that would be.


Just stumbled up on this news flash from ITV News back in September where Bjorn is actually saying on camera, the new songs are definitely coming  in 2020. The delay has to do with some technical difficulties they have to overcome for what I guess will be an "avatar" video clip. And that's not all! When asked if the four off them have been in the studio recently. He confirms! but hastened to say the other three don't want him to say anymore.  Is this a hint to more new songs, and perhaps an album? ...okay, I have to get myself a cup of chamomile thee, to calm down from all this  excitement.


It's almost shocking to see how mature Agnetha looks in the "Winner takes it all" video (1980), compared with the promo video's for her 1983 album "Wrap your arms around me". Where she has the looks of a shy, giggling schoolgirl, who just had her first major hit.  True, songs like "Mr. Persuasion" and "The Heat Is On" are miles apart from "The Winner Takes It All", but still, the transformation is remarkable. I guess you could say that "The Winner" marked the end of an era, while "Wrap Your Arms Around me" was the start of something new.  Then of course, there is the hair and makeup, but I think you need to ask Nikki de Jager  from "Nikki Tutorials"about that. (Don't ask me. Just look it up)


Sara Bareilles - She Used To Be Mine.  Now there's a song I like Agnetha to do. The thought alone makes me cry, and there have been more. What to think of "Piece By Piece" by Kelly Clarkson or Sarah McLachlan's  "In The Arms Of An Angel". 


Dear Ms. Faltskog,
It's been six years, and now I have this great idea for a new album...

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