Happy New Year

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Serious Request 2019 just started. It's a Dutch Radio Station charity walk show that starts 7 days before Christmas and ends on Christmas eve. It's broadcast 24/7 on TV.  The show is about three pairs of radio DJ's  walking from the south of Holland to the top North  day and night,  to create awareness for this charity of choice and collecting money on the way.  The whole thing is decorated with of course a lot of nice music. ABBA's  "Dancing Queen" is one of the first to be requested and played. What a treat.


Every time  ABBA is requested and played on this charity radio/tv show it's like unwrapping an early Christmas present. Specially when the DJ's go out of their minds to express their respect and kindness towards this music. (Although they a specially seem to like it at 4 in the morning.). The process is that you request a song to be played on air and donate some money for the good cause. I wonder if my request for Agnetha's "Queen of hearts" would come through. Well as it's for the good cause, I'll try it anyway.


I'm following this 24/7 charity walk show on TV  for 4 days now and so far I've counted 5 ABBA song requests . I'm a happy chappy.  I haven't heard my Agnetha song yet, but ABBA lives!


I love this time of the year, where you have all these great music specials on TV. I'm watching the Elvis '68 Come Back Special Tribute show, where all these famous singers do their version of Elvis songs, and I can't help wondering; "What if".  What if "they" would have done one of his songs. Can you image Agnetha singing "Suspicious Minds"?  ...I can!


It's Christmasday, and we are all gathered around the Christmas tree unpacking our presents. With a flair of nonchalant indifference I unwrap the "ABBA Fan Club Magazine".  The kids are to busy with their own goodies to even notice. The wife just raises an eyebrow, then starts collecting the wrappings scattered around the living room.  I'm not sure to feel relieved or a bit annoyed that no one seem to care


This afternoon we (the family) went to see "Mama mia" . Altough it's a fun story, for me it's all about the music, and therefor the songs being translated in to dutch is a bit of a down size.  I sing a long, overdubbing with the English versions, but I quickly get motioned to shut up. I guess for the rest of the family it is a bout the story rather than the music or they just do want to listen to the Dutch lyrics. 


This month my portion of ABBA music through the normal channels is more than usual.  It's New Year's Eve and they are broadcasting "Live  at Wembley".  on TV. My dear wife rolls with her eyes when I'm a bit to happy about the announcement but lets me watch the show anyway. She even asks some trivia questions and is a bit surprised I know all the answers. Still, the remarks  of being silly and old-fashioned are not far away.  I smile wisely and decide not share the fact that I've seen this show already about 10 times or more over.

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