Dear Ms. Fältskog

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It's the start of week II of January and after the hectic holidays, things are slowly getting back to normal again. The kids are back to school and my love is back to work giving me some time alone to listen to my favorite music. Although in the last couple of weeks I've been treated nicely with ABBA music through the public channels, it's nice to be my own DJ again, and listen to some Agnetha solo work and other not so well known projects of Benny and Bjorn.  Josefin Nilsson is playing in the background.


I was triggered by this artikel to look for more Bjorn and Benny productions outside of ABBA and found myself listening to "Just Like That" by Gemini. What a nice surprise to hear the evidently influence of Benny and Bjorn. This song could easily be mistaken for an ABBA song. This is before I heard "Another you, another me" which is exactly what a NEW ABBA song would sound like.


Every time I hear "He is your brother",  I can't help thinking how timeless this song actually is. We should start a manifest and have it sang in schools and in trains and busses. On soccer and football fields and in the house of Parliament, while people of all race and color are holding hands and hugging each other.  Of course we need Frida to shift us in to gear and Agnetha to do the high pitch backing vocals.Lis


Listening to "ABBA Undeleted" and laughing my socks off (and so are they).  Specially when Ms. Faltskog belts out her name in a rather low voice; "Agnetha!" . There is some nice chattery going on as well. Really fun rarities to hear.


Wow ABBA goes country or at least Bjorn is. "Burning my bridges" is a real joyful tune. To bad, they didn't make a real song out of it. The laughing at the end is so much fun. I wish there was moving images with this "ABBA Undeleted" clips.


"Hoofddorp, 08 Januari 2020


Dear Ms. Fältskog,


I hope this letter finds you in good health....."


I did it.. again. I wrote her a new letter and sent it to her. I have written three so far in the last 3 years. Of course, I 'm not getting any response or anything to let me know they are actually read, but it's still a big deal to actually send them. It was pretty easy to find an accurate address to send it to.  I read on the Internet somewhere that you could request an autographed card by sending a proper stamped return envelope, but apparently she stopped doing them since a few years ago. So these days it's very, very rare to get something like a thank you note sent back to you, but I can't give up hope  ...or dreaming for that matter.

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