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After some good but fair considerations and reading through the ABBA fan club magazine I gave myself for Christmas last year, I decided to  become a member of the Official ABBA fan club. It comes with a membership card and 4 brand new glossy magazines. Also, with the new ABBAtars concert and new music to be expected somewhere this year, It might be a good idea to be a member.  Now I only need to tell the family at one point.


It's New Years Eve 1996, and she is home alone with a friend. A writer / journalist. Christian is home too, but Linda is out with some friends. Where on this day you would expect a house full of friends and family, that is not the case with Agnetha. To make things even worse, there is nothing more to drink and toast on the New Year then a glass of spring water. "No one is going to believe this"  she utters, and right she is.
I'm reading "As I am", the book she wrote with her friend Brita Åhman, for the 3rd time and I still can't believe it. How is it that a woman worth millions ends up like this. Alone at New Years Eve with a glass of water. I know it's a choice she makes, and we should applaud her for making it, but I do understand it raises an eyebrow or two. It's a good way to start this book though, as it makes you wanting to know more about this mysterious and misunderstood woman and keep on reading. Not that this book will give you any answers.  The critics are unanimous on that. "There's nothing new in here". Still for me it's fun to read and I cherish the idea that these are her own words. However rare they might be


A white blouse under a pink jacket stylishly completed with a ditto tie.  Shoulder long fluffy curly  blonde hair that frame an oval face complimented with a touch of soft pastel-toned makeup,  A hint of blue shades bring out the ocean blue color of her eyes with lips catching sparks of the studio lights. "The winner takes it all. The looser is standing small"
It's like looking at the good fairy of the land of make believe, trying to keep out the darkness, with little or no avail.


At this point it slowly but surely becomes known that Daddy (the husband) has a thing with ABBA music. Though the extension of it has not yet broke the surface. Still I'm noticing that my name and ABBA are more and more mentioned in the same sentence.  Anyway, there appears to be some sort of tolerance policy going on and occasionally I dare to expose them a bit more than usually to this Swedish quartet of musical hero's. Needless to say,  I'm very careful not to overstep their boundaries.  Or my luck for that matter.


It's official. I'm an ABBA fan. I received my official ABBA fan club membership card today together with the ABBA magazine copy of December. And like a teenager that just received the newest glossy of Beyonce (or Harry Styles in my daughters case) I'm reading  through the articles, absorbing all the information they are giving me. I really feel I'm part of this big ABBA family now, although  for me, attending an international membership ABBA day will still be a bridge to far and probably will not be happening in the nearest future. But I do like to be in the front seat concerning any information about the new music or the ABBAtars show. And thinks should be happening real soon...


"Just Like That". Why was this never released?  The more I hear it the more I start to appreciate this great "lost" song.  Agnetha's voice is nice, crystal clear and sparkling. It should have been on  the Visitors album.  Why wasn't it? There are songs on there, that are far less appealing than this one. Well that's my opinion anyway.

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