Aja Baja

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While doing some chores around the house, I come up with the weirdest kind of thoughts like;  Does Agnetha do her own laundry? Does Frida for that matter?  Does she cook? Agnetha strikes me as a person who does some of her own cooking. I'm not sure about Frida. Bjorn is the type of person that goes out every night to have a meal. Benny? Who knows. Me? I cook, clean and scrub...


Did I mention I like "Golliwok"? Such a great funny song. A marvelous piece of sunshine on a gray and rainy day.  Really, If you are down and out, feeling blue. "Golliwok" is the best medicine for you. Of course the Swedish version is even better with all the laughing and giggling. I specially love the phrase "Aja baja" which has no real translation but is just a funny saying.  Trivia: They say it was released in 1974 after her German adventure as an attempt to make herself known as a solo artist outside of Sweden. 


Why am I writing all this? Is it some sort of therapy for this so called ABBA addiction? What if I stop.  Will this flame of wondering and adoration just die by lack of air, or will I get in a state of "cold turkey". Should I publish? If so would anyone read it?  What about the Internet? Should I post it and allow people to react to it?  Are people waiting for something like this?  ...I don't know.  There doesn't seem to be any answers (yet). Writing (about ABBA) just makes me feel good, so I guess I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing for now.


"To Love" is on, and I wonder how long it will take to get tiered of it all. It's been about 2 1/2 years since I rediscovered the music, and since than the insensitivity of listening and playing these songs has been growing by the day.  I even extended from ABBA to pre-ABBA music. Specially that of Agnetha. "En Sång Om Sorg Och Glädje" is now playing and I can hardley hold back the tears. I guess I won't be turning the music down any time soon.


"En Sång Om Sorg Och Glädje" or "A song of grief and joy". I don't know why but this one gets me every time.  Even if I don't understand a word she is singing, her voice still makes me hold my breath, and make my eyes teary.  I guess it's the melancholic sadness she pours out in every note and the fragility we all know so well.


I notice in Agnetha's older solo work she frequently changes the pitch of her voice.  It reminds me of the yodeling ending of "People Need Love" , and I wonder who came up with that.

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