My first vinyl

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I guess I've mentioned it before, but as a writer I really envy Bjorn. The lyrics he came up with, are such poems of beauty. Each line a  little masterpiece on its own.  Of course, "The Winner Takes It All" stands out in the crowed with lines like: "The gods may throw the dices, with minds as cold as ice, and someone way down here, looses someone dear".  That's pure poetry if ever I saw it.


Hmm, just stumbled up on "I'm Just A Girl". Don't know what to think of that one. Doesn't sound like ABBA , but feels like smooth sailing.  Standing on the deck of a cruise ship. Wind blowing through your hair. That kinda thing.  Even sounds a bit sexy I guess. I wonder if they were serious with this one or if was just ment as a bit of fun.


I have my first ABBA vinyl ever!  It's not new vinyl but originally pressed in the 70-ies. It's old and worn, and that's just the cover, but I've never been happier. I wasn't even looking for it. We were in this dumb shop, and I was just killing time (while the wife was doing her thing) going through this box of  old 70-ies records, when BAM, there it was, the Arrival album. It was like finding gold.


I'm looking at my "new" found treasure and can't believe that for so long, I didn't need something substantive (other than books) of ABBA in the house. Spotify and YouTube were my thing. They gave me everything I needed. So I thought. Now I want more. Specially now my sweetheart says I should look for more as evidently it makes me very happy.


I'm in need of the old needle driven sound box also called record player.  We haven't had one in the house for ages. As a matter of fact; That's why I decided to give away my Elvis record collection. Which right now feels super dumb. But lets move on. To ABBA in this case. As I am the proud owner of an original 70-ies ABBA album on vinyl, but have no way to listen to it (and hear how it endured the test of time). The wife says she has one at work I can probably borrow. Bless her!


I microscopically examined the album cover, inside photo's and record carefully (which seems to be in good shape). It's so much nicer to have the real thing in your hand than looking to a picture on the Internet. I also discovered things I never new, like the little thank you note on the back. Now I just wonder how the songs I know so well sound played on an old record player.

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