As good as new

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"I'll never know
why I had to go
Why I had to put up such a lousy rotten show"

Listening to "As good as new" What an amazing good song. I especially like the funky disco beat part at the start, just before Agnetha delivers her almost spoken lines like a  speed train going down hill.  I have my headset on with the volume up to 10, and need all my strength not to start singing out loud. As it's around midnight, that would not be a good idea.  


Last night I listened to the first albums Ring Ring (1973) and "Waterloo" (1974), which makes it quite obvious they had to come from far. I'm especially surprised about the time it took the boys to realize the girls were far better singers than they would ever be. If I do have to pick one where the boys have lead vocals, it would have to be "She's my kind of girl". Needless to say there is no comparison to the girls.


Continuing on with the above remarks, I have to say Bjorn is doing a good job on "Burning my bridges", and it would have been nice if they had released it as a complete song. Although it's not the typical ABBA sound we hear, it would have been a nice surprise if turned up on one of the (later) albums.


9 Days have past since I sent my letter to Agnetha. It's way too soon to expect anything in return, but I can't help jumping up when I hear the postman delivering my mail. Judging by the response on the other two letters I've sent over the years, there is absolutely no reason to get my hopes up. Nothing at all. Of course, the stakes would have been much higher if I had sent an empty correctly stamped envelope along with it. Why didn't I.


For this summer, we are planning a trip to Norway, via the west coast of Sweden (we don't want to use any ferries). I'm using Google maps to get familiar with the route we need to go, and see places like Västervik  and Jönköping flashing by.  By seeing these city names, my thoughts inevitably go to the awesome foursome of music, and it's almost unbearable to be unable to visit any of these places.(unless we take a month off from work or other duties). Of course being in Sweden and not being able to do the notorious ABBA museum in Stockholm is even more depressing, Well maybe they like the scenery so much, I can suggest doing a round trip of only Sweden next year. 


Note: If I can persuade them to do a round trip of Sweden, I still have to find a way to get them to go to the earlier mentioned museum. Of course, I can always go by myself. Come to think of it; that would probably be the better solution for all our sake.

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