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Apart from a single word here and there, I don't understand  a bit of what she is actually singing. Not that it matters. The Swedish language itself has something beautiful and mystical and lets you ride on a wave of melancholy. You can almost taste the green forests, moist grassland and fresh water lakes. In combination with her angelic voice who needs any translation. Listening to "Framför svenska sommaren"


I'm most intrigued with some of the pictures you can find on the Internet portraying our awesome foursome. One in particular. For those who scour the Internet for ABBA memorabilia on a regular basis, it's a well known iconic photo. The image consist of 4 headshots, captured in an aura of light on a dark background. The same photo is used on the cover of "Bright lights, Dark shadows". The intriguing  part is the tale each individual seems to tell,  apart from the others. Especially Agnetha. Which in turn makes me curious about the story behind the photo. Why was it made this way, What was the idea behind it.  I could ramble on but instead I will just absorb for another minute... or two.it 


I try to comprehend what it must have been like. 10 years of traveling from border to border. From touring bus to limousine, from limousine to horrible plane flights. Flights you thought would never end. Dragging yourself from one boring interview to another, answering the same stupid predictable questions over and over again. Spending most of your time in hotel rooms, not being able to go out and have a drink.  Having two weeks of holiday a year. All for those few moments of sharing your love of music and singing with us dedicated fans. I applaud all four of you for keeping that smile for the most of these 10 years.


Although my teen years lie in the eighties, I am a man of the seventies. Love the era the music, the clothes, yeah even the colors. Not that I would decorate the living room in brown and orange again, but still.  Of course the main reason is the music, and I wished I'd paid a little more attention to it.  To my avail; I was barely ten at the end of the decade and concerning ABBA, just 14 when it was all over.  Luckily for me and all mankind their music withstood the test of time. ...easily.


She is an old lady now, a grandmother. A woman robbed from her youthful beauty. Time doesn't stop for anybody. It just keeps on going.
It doesn't care if you were a star, loved and admired all over the world. That boys and girls alike, threw themselves at your feet in adoration.
It just takes and takes every second, every minute and leaves you behind with nothing but memories. Sweet and bitter.


"Cracking up". Talking about building up a song. I can just hear myself yelling; "...wait for it, wait for it"


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