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It has been weeks since I listened to  "On And On And On", and I realize again the cleverness of this song.  The simplicity but yet brilliance of Bjorn's lyrics makes it a treasure of its own.  For some reason it keeps bringing me back to my teenage (hormone raging) years.  Which is kinda weird as at the time Elvis was the man, and my songs of choice were; "Heart Break Hotel" and "Jailhouse Rock". So I guess it's just the flirty lines like; "What is our situation, Do we have some time for us? I was not exactly waiting for the bus" ...that brings back memories. You know boys and girls  and all that.


"The Visitors" was ABBA's farewell symphony, and therefor the forbidden fruit. I did not allow myself to listen to it, as if doing so would confirm once and for all, that they were no more. When I did listen to it, I didn't like it much. It's just in the last couple of months that I've grown to love the songs on this album, and at this point, I think they saved the best for last. Of course, at this point in time, it's nice to know there's something new ahead.


"Should I Laugh or Should I Cry". Somehow I think this is what the new songs will sound like


It's Wednesday, October  the 24th 1979. Location Rotterdam The Netherlands.  The evening is cold and cloudy with temperatures just barely reaching 5 degrees Celsius. The Dutch  concert hall "Ahoy" is filled to its full capacity, and the sound of exiting expectation is buzzing through the air. Then the first tones of the now famous intro starts filling the hall. The blue curtains that concealed the view of the stage are slowly pushed aside and reveal a backdrop of white and blue-purple pyramids portraying the Scandinavian highlands. Agnetha and Frida are standing still with spread arms in what looks like blue, indigo and violet capes that hide jumpsuits in the same fashion. While the intro music slowly transforms into the song "Voulez vous", beams of blue and purple lights are flashing through the air. When the girls open their mouth to deliver the first lines  -"People everywhere...."-, the crowd goes wild. There is just one thing missing.... ME!


Today my youngest daughter asked why I liked the ABBA music so much. The perfect opportunity to give a lecture about two of the best music composers off all time only to be compared with Lennon and McCartney.  The long awaited moment, to give an  inspiring speech about two of the worlds most beautiful voices in the world and how together they formed this mesmerizing sound of joyfulness or melancholic hardship. Instead, I muttered something about being music from the good old days, and that it makes me happy. ... God, I feel old!


"Korpilombolo" It sounds like a Spanish dish of some kind, and trying to pronounce it is a real "No can do". It's a cute little song I found on the album "De första åren". First I thought she was doing one of those  Swedish fantasy words again, later to find out it's an actual place up in the north of Sweden and the title "Tio Mil Kvar Till Korpilombolo" actually means; "10 miles left from ..." There is a totally different version in English, but  I like the Swedish version better. It's something in the way she sings "Korpilombolo" that just makes me smile.

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