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She (Agnetha) at one point had a German boyfriend and sang German songs. Does that mean she understood the German language? Bjorn and his Hootenanny Singers did a song in Dutch, but I'm pretty sure they didn't understand one bit of our way of speaking.  In "As I Am" she says "I was pretty good at languages in school". Yet, throughout her career it was obvious she had troubles explaining herself in English. Then again, her Spanish sounds pretty believable.  I have no idea where I'm going with this, other than that I can relate in some way. Just making observations.


Frida was Elvis! I never saw it until now. Her onstage performance and (uncontrolled?) movements are more than comparable to that of Elvis. Including the "karate" hand and leg movements. I even spotted some pelvis swings that were so characteristic to Elvis. Her '77 performance of "Why Did It Have To Be Me" is one of my favorites. Specially the way she handles the mic standard. It's funny to think how outgoing she was onstage compared to Agnetha and yet so shy and modest in interviews.


Talking about interviews. I've always imagined how spicy and straightforward the girls (specially Agnetha) could have been,  answering those silly questions, if the English language wouldn't have been so hard on them. In my opinion it would have painted a nicer picture  if the questions had been answered more evenly among the four, then the actual case. Of course when asking about the music productions, it was Bjorn and Bennies right to answer those questions.


Have you ever seen something so badly that you just had to see it over and over again? Dick Cavett meets ABBA comes to mind. A disaster that was just waiting to happen.  Well the concert part was oke, although I can't shake the feeling that they were growing tiered of it all. But then, Dick Cavett! Who ever came up with that idea. The man had no interest in any of the four members other than pulling them down and laughing at his own jokes. I've never witnessed such awkward atmosphere as was in that studio. It was painfully obvious that none of the people involved actually wanted to be there, including the host, which raises the big question. Why did they allow for this to happen? ...or who ever did!


The chemistry between Agnetha and Bjorn on the 1979 Wembley Life video's is mesmerizing. Specially in the part where they perform "Does your mother know". At about 1.24 in the song. She gives him this enchanting look and smile, as if they just fall in love all over again.  At that point it's just so hard to believe they split up less than a year earlier, signed the divorce papers and where going their own way.  Of course, this was one of the big reasons why despite all there problems, they managed to go on being ABBA so well. Still I for one find it a shame they weren't able to put their differences aside and had a swell life together, and to be fair; I do watch the Wembley life tapes more than once just to keep the romantic dream alive. 

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