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My new studio gear has arrived. I have been waiting for ages to set up my own home studio. Now I can finally pretend to be Micheal B Tretow, the sound engineer of ABBA. I can't wait to have "Undeleted" coming from my own studio monitors. That would make it as real as it can get. In September I will start with the sound engineer course. So I still have some time to fool around before things get serious.


I found this website ABBA Annual which is great fun. You can look up a date and year, and see what they were doing on that particular day. Like I now know that on this day, 50 years ago, B & B released their single ¨She΅s My Kind Of Girl" and Agnetha released her nr1 single ¨Om tårar vore Guld'. Also it is the day they started their holiday in Cyprus and started making music together the first time. I know  it nothing compared to the disbanding of the Beatles or the catastrophe that hit Apollo 13 in that same year, but it sure will boost up my trivia score!


I just saw the cutest thing on Internet. Someone placed a few seconds of video where Agnetha and Frida exhance the perfect little smiles during their performance of ¨Fernando" in Polen.  I have to say. It's one of those few moments where Frida wins it from Agnetha. Just my (humble) opinion of course. 


It has been weeks since I last wrote a new entry in this diary. Not that the spell is wearing of. Quite the opposite. I've found new interesting ABBA related websites to read, which keeps my quite busy. I have to say; it's nice to have something to occupy your mind with, now that the world is in crisis. I would rather read about the creative process between Benny and Bjorn, then watch yet another Corona item on the news.


It's Corona time. The world is in lock-down. We are all "doomed" (sorry for the choice of word) to stay indoors (except for the weekly grocery shopping). Children are home from school, and we haven't seen any family for weeks. On the positive side; I can turn up the dose of ABBA music and have the rest of the family exposed, seemingly unnoticed. .... or I wish! Fact is: The secret is out. They know! I'm a fan. Well, maybe that's a little strong yet, but they do know I like the music more than the average person. Last night I even caught them singing along.


I wonder what Agnetha is doing in this time of crisis. Will this quarantine thing effect her as much as it does us? With all the isolation and recluse stories over the years, you would think not. Maybe that's not entirely fair. I don't know. She never struck me as the person to attend busy gatherings anyway and as I understand it. She has her family nearby. So perhaps the burden is a bit lighter on her then on some of us.


Fun games: On this one website someone asked: What is your favorite ABBA corona song? Now there's a thought. Cassandra immediately comes to mind.  Although it wouldn't be fair to say we had someone to warn us ...or did we? Also preaching "The last day is dawning" would  be taking things a little to far. But if you come to think of it, there are a few  ABBA songs that would be suited this time of life. I'm thinking of "Move On", and "Hasta mañana" (until we meet again), But also "Eagles" draws a nice picture of being able to fly above it all. Free as a bird ..eur..Eagle! And if all is over and done with, I strongly vote to have a worldly choir singing "The Way Old Friends Do"


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