Gracias Por La Musica

Gepubliceerd op 7 juni 2020 om 10:44

It has been 6 months since I started this "journal", and my status as an ABBA fan have been changed from being a secrete Abbaholic to my musical state of mind being a well established fact around the house. Now even my kids have the "Mama Mia" movie soundtrack  (1 and 2) on their popular playlists. True, they still don't  listen to it as being ABBA music rather than that of Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. But hey, what ever keeps the songs alive right?


Now in this Corona house quarantine era, I notice ABBA music has more the upper hand than Agnetha's solo projects.  Of course, now with everyone at home all the time, I'm less eager to have Agnetha's schlager music out loud on the jukebox, then lets say,  the happy "I Do, I Do, I Do" or "Honey, Honey". Also, Less provocative to  release unwanted and uncensored reactions.


Three weeks ago I send a new letter, this time with an empty correctly stamped envelope.  So something could be returned. Dealing with the fact,  I didn't (who was I kidding) received any response after my January letter, I thought I'd give it ago this way.  That's not being pushy, is it? After all I just write once a year. (OK this year twice).


There's this Dutch three sister harmonizing singing group I like very much, and I just found out they did a fabulous ABBA medley in a TV show back in 2016.  I posted it on this ABBA talk website and got some nice responses.


Gracias Por La Musica; Now there's a stunning video. They all look the part in their romantic pastel colored jumpsuits. (Well some more than others...), and Agnetha's pronunciasion of the Spanish lyrics makes the most persistent septic a true believer. What else can a man live for... okay, maybe a Dutch version. "Dank je voor de liedjes, die ik mag zingen" (red: Thank you for the music, the songs Iḿ singing...)


For an item on this well known website, I'm looking at the cover of the Super Trouper Album, and suddenly it hits me. We had this at home! I mean my parents home, when I was just a young teenager. I totally forgot about it, but now I remember. It must have been some of my brothers who had it. I'm guessing the older one.  My heart skips a beat when I send out a WhatsApp message to my siblings, crossing my fingers that someone still has it... and want to give it up!


I wonder why I don't just go online and other the albums there.  But for some reason having the original 70-80 releases adds a bit more value to it. So yeah, I just wait and see what comes my way. To bad the vintage store is closed due to this Corona thing.



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