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I'm noticing the gab between writings is getting bigger. Does that mean my devotion to ABBA is fainting? Well as I'm still not worn out listening to the music on a daily basis, my joy meter still goes up looking at these colorful video's, and my heart still skips a beat getting notifications of new post on  certain ABBA websites.... I guess not.  I do however feel a bit a lost on what to write about. I just blame this upcoming audio engineering study that already keeps me pretty busy and somehow  keeps my mind occupied with other things like Equalizing, compression and distortion. There's still room for ABBA, just not so much on paper.


Although it's still a few month due, I'm pretty excited starting this audio engineering training and get my self some valuable studio time.  It probably sounds weird, but I feel I'm on the threshold of being allowed to have a little peek in to their world.  I Wish I could have spent a day with B & B, making music, working in the studio , discussing guitar riffs, backing tracks and over dubs. It's a nice dream. The closest I will ever get to see B & B working in the studio is watching the "Gimmy,Gimmy, Gimmy" and "Dancing Queen" studio recording videos. Oh well, it will have to do.


Listening to this "oldies" radio station, I suddenly hear this song that brings me back to my early youth. The just a little over three minutes flashback is caused by "That's the way (I like it)" from KC and the Sunshine band. For some reason the song reminds me of ABBA's S.O.S, and I clearly remember having some  Greatest Hits compilation album vol 3 or something that featured both songs. As KC's and ABBA's song were both released in 1975, I recon the Greatest Hits album came out a year later, so in 1976. That means I was only eight years old when this, what I now call my earliest memory of ABBA occurred.  To be fair, I think "That's the way" was my favorite at the time.


I did it! I ordered my first  poster sized photo of ABBA. Although my years of decorating the walls with large sized posters is long gone, I just couldn't resist. In fact, I participated in a fund-raising to get the rights to print this rare and unique photo. The image is in a  blue gray tint, and pictures the four standing some distance away from the photographer. Their faces darkened by the shadows of surrounding trees (and the fact, the photographer is shooting against the sun), but yet recognizable. The whole thing breathes a bit of a mystic atmosphere. Just perfect. Now I only need a place to display it. I guess the bedroom will be out of the question...


Okay, I ordered a second even better one. They will both look nice on the wall of my home studio. So I wonder. Would this officially make me an ABBA collector.


Watching "The making of Wrap Your Arms Around Me" is like watching "Sleepless In Seattle" or "You've Got Mail"  Enough to make a grown man sob like a baby and melt his heart like a package of butter  in an open fire. Well, If you're a hopeless romantic goofy guy like me that is.
Oh, and in case you're wondering. Yes I place Meg Ryan and Agnetha in the same category.


They have arrived! Well the big one anyway. A 80 by 60 cm poster of the awesome foursome working in the studio. I put it in a nice black frame and put it on the wall next to my own studio setup. Of course, I had to post it on this ABBA fan site, and someone commented "It looks like they are recording net door"  Just the feel I was aiming at.

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