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Svenska Sommaren

Gepubliceerd op 6 oktober 2020 om 14:46

You know you've seen to many romantic movies, when in you dream Bjorn is saying "You complete me" and Angetha answers "You had me at hello".  Of course it's also the moment you realize there are no fairy tales in the real world.
Dröm är Dröm Och En Saga Saga


Strange to think, how one goes from a teenage / young adult Elvis fan,  to a senior citizen with a crash on ABBA.  Must have been the midlife crisis I had somewhere along the way or at least the chemical changes my mind went through. I am just so lucky the family bares with me (not counting the sighs and weird faces on occasion).


I feel like a teenager again, now that my studio is slowly turning in to an ABBA man cave. (not as dissonant as it sounds!) So far no comments from the wife or the ones that claim they are no longer children, but still chew on lollipops.  Of course, the trick is not to over do it, and I feel I'm succeeding thus far. Although all credits should go to my better half, who allows me to still feel a bit younger at heart, than the 50 plus years it's already pumping around my blood.


6 June 1973. It's a quite friendly pre-summer Wednesday evening in The Netherlands, when the awesome foursome take the stage to perform on Dutch television for the very first time. The song is "Ring Ring" which at the time is a small but nice enough hit in this flat, water fearing country. Looking at the national news reports however, the performance didn't create much of a stir. Yet...an eyewitness report already revert to "Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anifrid " as: " these weird Scandinavian extravagantly dressed popstar wannabe's, that might have a future" (little did the guy know..)  Looking at a picture of the event, I think they look rather smart.


Walking past my daughters bedroom I hear "Mama Mia" the soundtrack blasting from her speakers. She is singing along to the slightly altered lyrics (for the movie) , and by doing so unintentionally putting a smile on my face.  Although she is not ready yet to embrace the original group, I'm happy with what I can get (for now). 


My wife bought me the book "ABBA Song by Song" by Ian Cole for my birthday. Well actually I bought it and gave it to my wife, so she could give it to me. A fan's gotta do, what a fan's gotta do.  I even got bold and ordered "ABBA On Record" by Carl Magnus Palm for next year birthday present!


She's singing "Framför Svenska Sommaren" and I wonder how much the Swedish summer differs from ours. In Sweden heat waves are uncommon, and sweaty summer nights rare. So are rainy days in mid July. According to The Internet, Sweden has the most stable summer of Scandinavian and Europe. I  know. It's those silly thoughts that can keep me up all night and makes me long for a  "Svenska Sommaren"


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