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It's the end of a decade...

Gepubliceerd op 4 januari 2021 om 16:04

Cover versions. I have a hate / love relationship with them.  Although mostly I hate them.  Still, there are exceptions. I Like Sarah Brightman's interpretation  of "Arrival" and "The Day Before You Came" by collective group : We Can't All Be Saints. Of course, Kylie's  (Minoque)"Dancing Queen" live at the 2000  Sydney Olympics is a small masterpiece. The soundtrack of Mama Mia 1 and 2?  I wouldn't buy the CD's or stream them on Internet. Why would any real fan want to listen to a copy of the original! Even, if it's sung by Cher. Although I will admit, tribute bands like Bjorn Again do fill the gap of us experiencing live ABBA songs that the group themselves have held open for so long. (and have no intention of closing...yet)


The lyrics quiz says you need to have 20 out of 25 correct, to be considered a real fan. I score 25 out of 25 which makes me a super fan. I have mixed feelings about the given honor. I'm kinda proud to have a 100 % score . On the other hand, why does a middle age guy like me,  know  the lyrics of every ABBA song out there. Which are around a hundred. Not something to brag about in the local pub (unless it's a gay one).  Not that I'm eager to do so. I'll celebrate my victory in silence. A 100 % score, not bad, not bad at all. 


A year ago today, was my coming out as an ABBA fan on paper.  Although technically that's not true. Given the fact that to this point no one has ever read any of the lines I penned (Is that a word?) down for these last `12 months, and  a coming out didn't actually take place. Still I was able to bring ABBA in to this household and slowly have my family get used to the idea that the husband / daddy has a soft spot for the Glamorous Swedish foursome. I'm also  surprised how smoothly the transformation of me as a hardcore Elvis fan to a  dedicated ABBA lover took place, Especially where it concerns my wife and kids. While the "Mama Mia" movies helped spread the music around the house., The purges of 3 books, 2 vinyl records and 2 massive posters,  all more or less seemed to go unnoticed. That said, I'm still a bit nervous for their reaction when they find my new ABBA Intermezzo magazine in the mailbox one of these days.


It's been over a month since I wrote that last paragraph and somehow my dearest wife thought it was time to mention her surprise about my transformation in to an absolute ABBA fan. It's like suddenly the gray curtains of what was happening were drawn from her eyes, revealing  the actual truth. Weren't you an Elvis fan? She asked with a hint of suspicion and light frowning eyebrows. The kids came to my aid proclaiming they had known for years. Which in fact could only have been not more than 1 year. ... as you, readers should know by now.


It's that time of year when ABBA is "dominating" the radio and TV broadcasting again. The annual all-time favorite charts play several of their greatest hits and the old documentaries and live shows are dusted off again on new. Years eve. Still, when my oldest ask what ABBA's relation is with Christmas and the end of the year I'm having trouble finding a right answer. I guess it's the "party vibe" that have always kinda surrounds them... and of course, there is "Happy New Year"


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